The myth, the legend, the legacy: where freight forwarding and containerization got its start

One of the first freight forwarders on record is the now obsolete Thomas Meadow’s and Company Limited of London, England. The enterprise was established in 1836 and was acquired by Rockwood International Freight, Inc. in 1989. The beginning of dependable rail transport and steamships created the demand for the then booming freight forwarding industry. New world trade configurations developed between Europe and North America, creating additional demand. The first international freight forwarders were actually inn keepers in London who held and re-forwarded the personal effects of their hotel guests.

The ground-breaking advances of a freight forwarder at that time were to arrange for the movement of customers’ goods by contacting with various carriers. The carrier’s household tasks included advice on all documentation and customs requirements in the country of destination. The agent overseas looked after the customers goods and kept them informed about milestones that would affect the movement of goods.

Today, the forwarder still carries out those same responsibilities for the customer. The forwarder still operates as either a domestic carrier, communicates with an agent overseas or with their own company or branch office.

As the evolution of freight forwarder transpired enter a man named Malcom Mclean. Mr. Mclean invented containerization as we know it today. Without containers and container shipping, global trade would not exist. Read entire article here.

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Get to know Navegate Logistics.

What is Navegate Logistics?

Navegate Logistics is the sister company to North Star World Trade Services. Navegate Logistics became a separate company in 2009. Both companies share the same facilities and management. The separation was necessary as Navegate became a provider for other freight forwarders to manage their customers supply chains. The best way to look at the relationship is that Navegate powers North Star.

Navegate harnesses the power of the internet to “connect” global supply chain networks throughout the world. The technology to harness this ability did not exist on the internet just a few years ago. Today, Navegate has harnessed these internet advances into a web based global logistics solution for importers, exporters, truckers, brokers, freight forwarders, warehouses and carriers.

Navegate is unique in its ability to allow the members to choose to operate in their own ERP or proprietary system or within Navegate, while continually communicating with the platform to gain complete global supply chain visibility. The growing demand for “just in time” inventory and cost cutting has made Navegate invaluable for numerous fortune 1000 companies such as the below companies to name a few:


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Navegate maintains a global presence with Navegate Logistics Data Centers operating in North America, China, Malaysia, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Australia. This global presence is expanding and further bolstered by our internally developed logistics platform at Navegate and the North Star Logistics process are developed around one central global platform that allows all members of the global supply chain to communicate and facilitate the movement of their products.

While many companies offer “logistics” services and third party logistics operations, Navegate is unique having built tools that actually make a company’s process feasible throughout our customers own unique global supply chain. Navegate takes a different approach by offering these services through technology and service support that offers significant savings and a dramatic increase is efficiency and visibility throughout our customers operations and global supply chain